Our swimming pool services are not only affordable; our servicing team will make your pool sparkle with every splash.  We will even save you money in the long run, keeping your swimming pool clean and running optimally. We will ensure that your pool remains energy efficient and prevent costly repairs caused by long-term usage. 
Sun Pools Services may be the best investment you can make towards ensuring the longevity of your pool. 
We supply all pool & other water related chemicals and equipment:
  • Household & Commercial Filters
  • Chemicals (Chlorine, Pool Test Kits, etc.)
  • Fountain Heads & Nozzles
  • Underwater Lights & Bulbs
  • Pumps
  • Pool Maintenance Equipment
  • Pool accessories (Automatic Pool Chlorinators, Metering Pumps, Skimmers, Pool Grating, Wall Inlets, Floor Inlets, Main drain Frame Grating, etc).

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