Design & Construction of Swimming Pools

Sun Pools Services in-ground concrete pools allow you total design freedom. Pool size, from depth to shape and in some cases, construction location, are only limited only by your imagination. From the most flamboyant personal taste through to challenging sites including indoor, outdoor, sloping sites, hillside locations, out of ground structures or rooftops; Concrete pools give you the flexibility to think outside the box.
The inherent strength of reinforced concrete pools; boundary walls, water walls and water features can be constructed directly on top of the shell. With proper planning, it can even form part of the footing for the house wall as we have done on several occasions.
A well designed pool is a fundamental asset to the property, a breeze to maintain and an absolute pleasure for the pool owner.

Bio Fish Pond System With Construction

  • Fountain
  • Jaccuzzi
  • Pond
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Water Features
  • Fiber Glass Pools

Design & Construction Fountain Jaccuzzi Pond Sauna Steam Room Water Features Fiber Glass Pools

Although we are known as swimming pool builders, our expertise extend to renovation and refurbishment works as well as restoration of old swimming pools, water features and other water related constructions. If you are envisioning a bigger, better, or more technologically advanced swimming pool and are considering re-plastering, remodeling or some other form of pool renovation, get in touch with us. 
Some of our work include (1) expanding existing swimming pool sizes to fit larger families or to accommodate a new design, (2) re-designing and reshaping, (3) re-furbishing to replace old finishing giving the pool a fresh new look, and (4) restoring old pools to its former glory.

Pool Repair & Maintenance

Often, a swimming pool is one of the valuable investments you will make. Proper maintenance will ensure that your paradise at home remains a paradise and a source of rest, relaxation and fun for the whole family. 
As experts in the pool industry, we understand the importance of locating an experienced technician to handle all your pool needs. Whether you need scheduled weekly or monthly check-ups on your pool or if you need pool equipment repairs, you can count on Sun Pools Services as a trusted company in this region. We takes excellent care of pools built by us and we help you solve all complications that may arise due to wear and tear. We offer expert troubleshooting for swimming pools and water features.


Swimming Pool Equipment Supplies

Our swimming pool services are not only affordable; our servicing team will make your pool sparkle with every splash.  We will even save you money in the long run, keeping your swimming pool clean and running optimally. We will ensure that your pool remains energy efficient and prevent costly repairs caused by long-term usage. 
Sun Pools Services may be the best investment you can make towards ensuring the longevity of your pool. 
We supply all pool & other water related chemicals and equipment:
  • Household & Commercial Filters
  • Chemicals (Chlorine, Pool Test Kits, etc.)
  • Fountain Heads & Nozzles
  • Underwater Lights & Bulbs
  • Pumps
  • Pool Maintenance Equipment
  • Pool accessories (Automatic Pool Chlorinators, Metering Pumps, Skimmers, Pool Grating, Wall Inlets, Floor Inlets, Main drain Frame Grating, etc).

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